Aoriste / Monograph

First monograph published by Is-Land with texts by Sally Bonn, Hadrien Reyre, Bertand Rigaux, Thomas Schlesser, Éric Suchère.

Graphic design : Sylvie Astié – Atelier Dokidoki

204 pages
22 x 26,5 cm
800 copies
French | English
ISBN : 979-10-97544-08-9

Release february 2022
39 euros

Order – Presses du réel
Order – Is-Land Éditions
Distribute in Paris by galerie 22,48m2

An important movement in contemporary artistic production, which could be described as anthropofuge, seeks to shift the gaze to invite it to see, or feel, a universe from which humanity is excluded, and even completely excluded (let us quote among others Richard Long, Pierre Huyghe, Fabien Giraud and Raphael Siboni…). Cécile Beau is, among the new generation, one of the essential figures of this movement, and participates in the discovery of other realities, other perceptions, other scales.
T. Schlesser 

Aoriste is a bilingual monographic edition (English-French) bringing together the artistic research of Cécile Beau. It brings together a selection of protean works that coexist in the book in a different type of space than that of the exhibition. The pieces are presented in a naturalist-inspired work, where the elements constituting them – raw mineral and vegetable materials, liquids, sound or light waves having undergone slight mutations – are given to see, to read or to imagine under a tangible spectrum. . Thus, to accompany a selection of works (2009-2021), five texts written by Sally Bonn, Hadrien Reyre, Bertand Rigaux, Thomas Schlesser and Éric Suchère punctuate the monograph: from criticism to poetry via a hypnosis script and an interview, these authors offer heterogeneous approaches by using the context of the pieces to generate a theoretical, fictitious, or sensory wandering.

This book is published with the support of l’ADAGP and CNAP.