Audiovisual sculpture with Nicolas Montgermont
sound system, viédoprojection on a ground structure, 5×5 m, 2016

Ellipses is a transcript of the harmony of the spheres according to the definition proposed by the astrophysicist Johannes Kepler (XVI c.) in Harmonices Mundi . It is an ancient concept where every planet in the solar system produces a note based on its position in space and its speed of rotation around the sun. The whole creates a universal harmony which is slowly evolving with the celestial movements. In Ellipses the orbits of the planets, dwarf planets and main comets of the solar system are engraved on a ground surface. The current position of each star and the corresponding note are shown on their orbits. The sound associated with each celestial body is a nearly pure frequency played in the exhibition space according to its position in the solar system. This set creates a harmony that is continuously changing depending on the path of the stars. These movements immutable and yet almost imperceptible at our scale is composed the score of a music of the spheres transcribed in real time. The viewer can move here on this structure to test a single agreement corresponding to the present.