Trunks, branches, paint, earth, mirror, 2021

Installation view inTonneville’s castle : Voisins de Campagne #2

A venerable beech tree stands in the center of a grassy expanse. Two centuries old, its foliage extends to remarkable heights. In its immense branches contrast silvery branches and purple foliage.
On the ground, imposing roots, like long plant tentacles, seem to have grown out of the earth to undulate on the surface.
An impression of movement, of possible displacement is thus instilled in this purple being.

Walking between these reptilian growths, we discover a gaping hole at the base of the trunk. A mirror placed at the bottom of the stump reveals a strange cathedral under construction. It is hollowed out by insects and fungi which slowly feed on the bowels of this fragile giant.

© Marc Domage, 2021
© Marc Domage, 2021