Sound installation
Concrete mixer, coal, volcanic rocks, cement, sand, earth, Indian ink, pigments, 2017

Half-spheres, whose veined texture and earthy relief reminds of those of distant stars, are hung on the wall in an offset horizontal line. Mixture of concrete, rock, earth and pigment, these «stars» reconfigure a planetary system whose individual name comes from Mesopotamian deities.
On the ground, a black concrete mixer suggests the pile of rubble against its metal walls. Monochromatic minerals collide in the drum: volcanic stone, coal and black sand. The rotation of this industrial tool echoes a heliocentric system / accretion formation of the material of our universe. Cosmic gigantism, out of human reach, is evoked here thanks to site materials directly related to the most down-to-earth activity that is: masonry. A rudimentary and prosaic fashion which humorously brings the mason closer to a demiurge.